Monday, March 21, 2005

a day in the life of...

dilomar05_0002 Originally uploaded by yankinoz.

Flickr does a day in the life of shoot every once in a while. Today was the first one since I found Flickr so I toated my camera around with me. Since the bulk of my day was spent at work, there isn't really too much to see... Monday is usually just me being at work. dilomar05_0005 Originally uploaded by yankinoz.

So I didn't expect much, but there are some intersting things that happen as the day goes by. I ended up taking over 150 photos (mostly crap really) but right now there are about a dozen on flickr. I'm likely to add more. See the whole set.


Blogger Zupien said...

c'est toi le geek ?? en tout ka ta de trai belle photo j'aime

12:23 pm  
Blogger yankinoz said... tells me that you said "this you the geek?? in all ka your of milked beautiful photo I like"

Yes, the geek is me :-)
I don't get the milked reference but I think you like the pictures. I am glad. Merci!

11:00 pm  

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